Simple & Humble Beginning

Software Engineer with a strong OO design background. Proficient with architecture, development, and maintenance. Involved in various stages of software development lifecycle, including designing the architecture, coding, unit testing and implementation. Highly self-motivated and goal–oriented professional committed to pursuing a long-term career. Years of a track record of demonstrating strong analytical and problem-solving skills, computer proficiency, and ability to follow through with projects from inception to completion.

I’m fascinated by Javascript, the power of javascript it's awesome, I love to improve my code the right way. I studied B.C.A. and post graduation done M.C.A. Completed my internship in Drishti Software Solutions, Kolhapur And then my jurney started with Aloha Technology Pune. I pursued my career in Benchmark IT Solutions Pune as a software developer for almost 2 years. And moved to Zedo Product base company worked as Module Lead & managed small size team, Joining Zedo is my carrier changing moment. Learnt many new things like Typescript,Angularjs, Angular 4, design patterns, skeleton diagrams, TDD/BDD. Currently associated with ICE Mortgage Technology working on mortgage based projected using React, typeScript etc

I enjoy travelling, learning new things, ethical hacking, drawing sketchs/painting and photography.

Things I Can Do

  • Coading using Javascript, React, Typescript, Angular
  • Unit Testing using Jasmine, Karma
  • Integration Testing using React-Testing-Library, Jest
  • Build Tools like Webpack, Gulp, Grunt
  • Design with HTML5, CSS3
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Pencil Sketches
  • Photography




Gecko Ad Tag is an Ad Serving Ad Tag that is designed to have seamless capability to serve different formats and innovations. Gecko will smartly decide which ad to show based on user’s system environment and publisher behaviours. The architecture of gecko is really awesome, so ad formater developer can create renderer and attach integrate it in Gecko. Inside gecko we have implemented Header Bidding, zedo-vpaid, videoplayer.

vast player

Vast video player

VideoPlayer is used for playing ads and media files. Player is built using IAB specifications. Player can player on HTML and Flash player. I have implemented Jasmine and karma for unit testing. HTML5 player supported javascript vpaid ads as well.

Pencil Sketches

I love to draw sketch, I started drawing when I was in 12th standard. After graduation and joining IT compnies, not getting much time to draw. Some of my best sketches are here.


I think, I can capture nice pictures, but abouassaly not as like professional. I like to click natural and random photo, some of them are here.